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About Me

Stephen Ranjan

Accomplished healthcare management professional with 12 years experience in business strategy, account management, new product development & launch, healthcare delivery transformation and pharmaceutical marketing. Outstanding track record in managing at risk projects and successfully getting them back on track. Strong cross-functional leadership skills with the ability to bring various domain experts to the table in order to successfully transform healthcare delivered to patients.

My StrengthFinder® Profile:

  • Responsibility – take onwership for anything I commit to
  • Learner – energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence
  • Activator – action can make things happen
  • Restorative – enjoy the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution
  • Futuristic – the kind of person who loves to peer over the horizon. The future fascinates me.

My interests are in:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Program Management
  • New Business Development
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Device
  • Biotechnology


Experience developing new business models in the healthcare space, value-based care, quality measurement, healthcare policy, electronic health record integration, new product development.

Experience integrating Epic with healthcare software such as Siemens, IDX, ImageCast, Sunquest, SoftLab, Pyxis, Cerner, and others. Expertise in Epic Software such as Chronicles®, Bridges®, Cohort®, EpicLab, EpicCare®, Identity®, Resolute®, Prelude. Knowledgeable in industry standards such as HL7, NCPDP, PHIN, CDA, and ASTM as well as terminologies such as ICD-9, SNOMED, LOINC and CPT